Friday, October 27, 2006

The Fantum Fam

Since most of the folks who read my blogs are family, and others who nearly always drop by my posts seem like family (Hi there, Carol Anne), I'll speak like family and call us all out for our lazy ways.

Barb (Iris Blue, Mom, Grandma K, Sweetheart) said to me yesterday, "Our whole family has just quit blogging." It's true. Last night I read something Scott (Tall Penguin) recently posted, and an email that Mark (Ninja) sent me saying he was looking for new postings from me but finding none. Favorite daughter-in-law Rhonda (Lazo land) did phone to tell us she got a new phone and emailed Barb a photo from it to see if it worked right, but the whole fam damily have been strangely silent in the blogosphere of late.

I can't speak for the others, but I have no excuse. Sure, I've been busy--busier than I need to be, really--but we probably all have been. I think we all write more on our summer breaks when the livin' is easy, and there comes a time in the middle of autumn, about now, when things we began in September snowball on us, and we just quit blogging for awhile. I doubt this is a permanent condition; however, I do suspect it's an annual one. Looking back at last fall with all the hurricanes, I didn't blog as much as I had that summe either.

Whatever's keeping us from the flow and fun of sounding off, I hope it diminishes so we can wax eloquent again soon. I hope to write up a storm by Christmas at the latest, and hopefully before. This is a fun time of year, and we need to blog about it.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Something Just to Move the Screen Down

Sometimes I feel like I need to write a post just to move the preceeding post down below the startup screen. That's how I felt when I opened my last "Write To Say It" screen and stared at my filched dissertation tirade; I'd forgotten all about it and moved on, but like graffiti, posts are stickynotes. They hang around on walls and telephone poles like last month's primary posters, and they persist at the tops of blogs until the lazy blogger moves them down. Thus, this:

Sunday mornings have evolved as my preferred time to grade papers. It's usually calm around the house, and the phone doesn't usually ring. The lawn's mowed by Saturday, and the neighbors are often gone. There's nothing pressing to be watched on television, and any weekend project I've taken on (this weekend I set up an ip-addressable server on my desktop computer so I can access and monitor my house cams; it works!) has usually reached a point I've either given up on it or finished it. So the Sunday a.m. hours are the best time for me to grade and prepare for the Monday classes. In the autumn months, I like to get the studies out of the way for the much more looked-forward-to exercise of watching my Dolphins try to win a game, and seeing if there's anything they can do to try to get on a winning track after starting off 1-3.